Voice Off The Streets

 Voice Off The Streets Season 2 Audition Video

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Voice off the Streets is the ultimate talent contest. A community talent show in the city of Makurdi, Benue State in which the absolute key factor is talent. Only the very best of the best will do; the best voice combined with the best mentality, that’s what the show is all about. Voice off the Streets Nigeria centers on the search for the next big star! The search for that one person with that special something, a real first class act with the ability to stick around and deliver their very own unique sound.
Season one saw our three judges select candidates through a two day screening process and exciting auditions. Throughout these selections quality is the key word, because right from the get go the standard was high. Season 2 offers so much more! An extensive search and screening from our audition judges will ensure that only the cream of the singing crop makes it through to the finals.
Our auditions kick off in March, and we driving our vision to with no stones unturned.
At the end of the auditions, ten (10) final candidates will be coached by a faculty of seasoned professionals and voice specialists for two weeks, who will closely train and prepare them for the epic finals in April. Their years of experience in the business will help guide our finalists and take them to that point where they become aware of the fact that a career in music is built on more than talent alone. Hard work, discipline and the drive to constantly better yourself are just a few of the necessary elements to really make it to the top in the music industry.
It’s a long road to the final, and therefore the singers are coached by the professional team every step of the way. And once they’ve made it to the final, we will at last find out which one of them possesses the ultimate combination of talent, vocal ability and character to really make it big and be that star with the Voice off the Streets.
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